Leyland Pet Crematorium is a family
owned business since 1988

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Leyland pet crematorium & cemetery is a family run business which was established in 1988 by local business man and politician David Duxbury.

He came across the idea after a trip to America and realised how much people value their pets.

In 1988 David founded a small pet cemetery on the land next to his house in Leyland. Soon it became clear that while some people wanted their pet buried, there was also a need for the cremation of pets. So in 1989 a small cremator was purchased to cremate pets individually. He soon found due to clients' confidence in his meticulous procedures that he needed to increase the cremation facilities to four chambers to meet the increased demand.

We have since collected pets regularly from veterinary surgeries and also offer the option for pet owners to come to us directly with their pet. We have clients who do this on a regular basis. We also offer the option to witness the beginning of the cremation via a CCTV screen. We also have no objections to bona fide pet owners or vets inspecting our premises unannounced.

In 1991 David joined a well known association but later resigned feeling that the procedures followed by some of the members were not in accordance with his own understanding of an individual cremation, where one pet is cremated on its own in a single chamber.

In 1995 we were able to purchase a large cremator which then enabled us to expand into individual horse cremations.

Leyland pet crematorium & cemetery is now a well respected company providing a loving, caring and dignified service to all pet owners. The loss of a pet can be a very upsetting experience. Having provided you with love and affection all throughout their life, a much loved family member deserves to be treated with dignity when they pass away.

As a pet crematorium we have come across some unusual requests ranging from a lion cremation to a shark cremation and even a camel cremation from Dudley zoo. 

David Duxbury

David Duxbury