Leyland Pet Crematorium is a family
owned business since 1988

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Will my pet be cremated on its own?

Yes if an individual cremation is requested then your pet will be placed in a single chamber and cremated entirely on its own and all the ashes are retrieved and returned to you.

Can I watch the beginning of the cremation?

Should you wish to see the beginning of the cremation, please advise us beforehand so we can make you an appointment there is a fee of £25 for this. You will be shown the empty chamber via CCTV and you will see your pet being placed in that chamber. We try to strike a balance between putting owners’ minds at rest but not letting owners see something which could be too upsetting.

How do you cremate horses?

We have a separate horse cremator which is large enough to accommodate the largest horse. Obviously your horse will be cremated whole.

Is there a collection service?

Yes we are able to collect pets for owners from either a veterinary surgery or their home, there is a charge or this service.

Is there an out of hours service?

No longer avaialble

What happens if I do not choose to have my pet
individually cremated?

Your pet will be cremated here at Leyland Pet Crematorium with other domestic pets however no ashes can be returned.

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